A beauty app design that allows people to book appointments with beauty salon's worked on this as team. It is an innovative design that allows the user to click on a body part for that treatment for example, eye, hair, nails and shoulder for massage.  The  idea is to allow the user minimum interaction with the screen when booking. It picks up the location of the user and shows salon's in that area.

3. Final Design

Developmental Process

1. Drawings

1.  There is an image of a woman where the user can click on the relevant body part for the  treatment they are interested in.


2. A speech bubble pops up to announce this


3. The user has chosen hair, the different hair options come onto the screen

4.  The app has picked up the location of the user and a speech bubble appears asking if this is the area they wish the search to take place in.


5. A map showing the nearest salon's to the users location appears.


6. Enter payment for the treatment.  This is done with a  keypad, that moves to the next details box when one is completed.

2. Wireframes