Kids eLearning site

Getting users to associate television provider as more than a tv also as a learning environment.  Parents will be happy with the level of service provided and that children can learn with through company. People are converting to smart televisions and eLearning is an acceptable form of learning for parents.


Allowing children to be familiar with it from an early age and grow up with an eLearning system that works for them.  They will be more likely to stay with UPC as a provider having had a good association with the company through the site over the years.


This is an animation of the train moving using the traffic lights to stop and go.


This video shows a child aged 4, testing the interface, he found it easy to navigate and all the children that tested it loved the characters.




About eLearning site

This is a walk through once only set up for each child in the family, it is a child lead event. It is intended that an adult will go through the process to create a avatar with the child



The typeface and design are child friendly and were decided upon after research into eLearning, child learning and child-centered design.  The typeface is recommended for use with children, for ease of reading.



• button background colour remains the same throughout the site

• child can associate this colour with a button.

• position of the buttons is the same throughout the site

• navigation buttons on the bottom right and left- for forward and back



• used avatars for the child to identify with and use throughout the site.

• child friendly colourful designs for characters and site in general


Leaflet Design

Parental guide to eLearning site, explaining how to use the site and introducing characters.



Screen by screen-This is a kid’s eLearning interface for children aged 3 to 6 years old.


Screen One

• This is the home screen to start the creation of an avatar and

page for child to watch their favourite videos on eLearning section of smart tv.


Screen Two

• Green traffic light button allows the train to run across the screen and come back onto the screen

• child clicks on the name entry box and a keyboard pops up and they enter their name. This will be used to personalize site for the child in future.

• when name entered, well done and child’s name appears with some stars as a reward.

• camera button in the top left, is to browse and upload a photo of themselves, other, pet or toy that will be placed in driver position in the train

• navigation buttons on bottom left and right to navigation forwards and backwards –these are on all screens bar the first.


Screen three

• Child chooses a character, out of six possibilities – for this example, it is the bunny

• Name of child appears in top right corner and will do so throughout the site from now onwards.


Screen four

• chosen the character opens up on this page

• details about character –personalising the site and create associations for the child e.g. rabbit and carrot.


Screen five

• child’s favourite videos are loaded onto this page.

• child can choose which video they want to watch from a carousel.


Screen 6

• video skin will be default of character chosen in screen

• hamburger button contains other options of video skin via tool tip.


Screen 7

• This is an example of how final page will be on smart tv.

• The child will touch their chosen avatar – example a family of three kids under 6. called Ruby, Roisin and Tom

• shadow moves under character they select

• plus button is for parents to add another child avatar